Organic Chemistry Flashware






Organic Chemistry Flashware is a collection of interactive web-based multimedia courseware designed to assist students studying organic chemistry. This collection has been produced to enhance the traditional lecture experience and is optimized for both the individual computer user and classroom projection.

Ready when you are.

This innovative courseware consists of over 130 multimedia learning objects accessible online when you are ready to study. The home page allows users an entry point organized by common organic chemistry textbook topics lists and presentation styles.

Created by Professor Ghislain Deslongchamps of the University of New Brunswick, Organic Chemistry Flashware is a ground-breaking collection of interactive web-based multimedia courseware for studying and teaching organic chemistry with an emphasis on arrow-pushing notation, reaction mechanisms, and orbital interactions. Organic Chemistry Flashware brings learning to life.and life to learning.

What people are saying.

"Organic Chemistry Flashware bridges the gap between static images and dynamic illustration of concepts and principles that underlie many key aspects of introductory organic chemistry courses."

"There's no doubt that the concept is excellent.Students have a lot of trouble visualizing reaction mechanisms and stereochemistry so this "flashware" would be a great aid to their understanding."

"The concept behind this project is EXTREMELY useful. Most of the students who study organic chemistry have difficulties mainly because they do not have the 3D visualization of chemistry."

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows PC or Mac connected to the Internet (high-speed recommended) abled to run Adobe Flash Player 8 or later.

Copyright © 2007, Ghislain Deslongchamps