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Organic Chemistry Flashware was designed as a teaching aid for instructors and as a study aid for students. It is intended to complement any college-level organic chemistry textbook.

The courseware package covers many aspects of organic chemistry with an emphasis on:

  • Arrow-Pushing Notation:
    • Interactive animations show lone pairs and bonds morphing into each other, clearly depicting electron flow.
  • Reaction Mechanisms:
    • Step-by-step mechanisms (as seen in textbooks) are synchronized to interactive animations depicting the same reaction in pseudo-3D rendering.
    • Animations help students understand the dashed wedge / solid wedge bond notation and to think tetrahedral.
  • Orbital Interactions:
    • Most reaction mechanisms can also be viewed as animations of their localized orbital interactions or frontier orbital interactions, where appropriate.


All Flashware was created with Macromedia Flash™, the standard for delivering rich content over the internet:

  • Flash Player pre-installed on most computers (Flash Player Statistics)
  • Resizable vector graphics and animations (ideal for classroom projection)
  • Universal platform/browser support (System Requirements)
  • Small file sizes for rapid download

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